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Friday, 6 June 2008

The PROs and CONs of Using NGV

The CONs - extra load on the car due to the gas cylinder in the boot. No pickup.

The PROs - .52 sen per liter. RM 7-10 for the full tank. Gives you 150 KM inthe city. 200-250 on the high way with 10kg tank capacity. The mileagealso depends on the pressure of the gas while pumping. Petronas is oklah.. costs about RM 1.5 -2G to install the kit. The price may varydepends on the size of the cylinder. Tractors malaysia is selling it. Ithink it is under petronas.
You don't need to change oil after every 5000 as it doesn't use petrol tomix up to run the engine. It uses gas, so even if you change the oil, itwill be as good as new. The engine will be quite and smooth.
Now here is the best part!!!!
If your car is 100 % NGV, you get 50 % off on road tax, if 50% petrol and50% NGV then its 25%...

So Malaysians..... the choice is OURS. We decide what's best for us!

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