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Friday, 6 June 2008

Spend Wisely

What to do? What to say? The increase in the price of petrol and diesel in a way has affected all the Malaysians. What more that we can say about it? Well.... NOTHING!! The Ministers has their own say regarding this. Can we complaint? Can we argue about it? Yes, of course we can. But will there be a change after all the complaints, arguments, discussions in the price of the petrol and diesel? No... I DON'T THINK SO. Of course, the government servants had their 5-15% increment in their pay last year but WITHOUT BONUS. In this kind of situation, do you think that the pay they are getting is enough for them? I just talked to an uncle in my housing area who use to ferry school children to and from school. When asked, whether he is going to increase the fare for his school van, the answer is DEFINITELY YES!! So, there'll be an addition for the fare that the parents have to pay!! Let us think again? Why is this happening to us? The value of money is getting smaller whereas the price of goods and services are increasing night and day!!! So, we have to make some adjustments to our lifestyle in order to curb ourselves with this situation.

1. Reduce unnecessary shopping. Do it when you really have to do it
2. Avoid buying unnecessary items.
3. When shopping for grocery, buy only the NECESSITIES, the basic items.
4. Cut down on eating out- once a month may be!
5. Always make a survey which supermarket offer lower prices.
6. Use public transport where possible- save on toll, parking, and PETROL of course!!
Well, let's hope that the government will not increase anymore price of goods or services!!

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