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Friday, 1 August 2008

Finally.....at last....

At about 6.30pm yesterday, I received a phone call at home. I thought may be the call was from my younger brother or my father. But when I heard the voice of the person calling, I just could not believe myself! The phone call was from my long lost friend, Aniza. Finally, we managed to talk over the phone. Just like me, she also had lost my number. And for that reason, we were out of touch for quite some time. Quite a long time, about 2-3 years. Sorry, I myself couldn't remember exactly how long.

She called to inform me that she and her family will be coming over to my house. Oh my God! They are coming over!!! I was trying to figure out of what to serve them. Haven't seen them for a very long time! Of course I want to serve them something special... but what???I've prepared dinner for but it was a simple one. At the same time, I was chatting with another friend Ain, telling her that Aniza and family are coming over to my house. She also knows them well. While chatting with Ain, i finally got some ideas on what to serve dinner for dinner.

Luckily, every Thursday night, at my housing area, there would be a night market ('pasar malam'). Right after my Maghrib prayer, I went to the night market. In my head, I would be looking for something simple but nice to eat. I bought 'Satay Kajang', 'rojak buah' , ' taufu fa' and 'cucur peneram' (that's for myself), hoping that they would like the food that I bought.

At about 9.00, they arrived at my house. We were happy to see each other again. We hugged one another. All their kids have grown up. Harith is now 8 years old, Rayyan is 4 and Hanzalah 15 months.There were so many things to talk about but time really flies. After having dinner and chatting, they made a move. It was 10.30pm. They had to leave as they will be leaving for Kuala Kangsar early in the morning for Aniza's brother's 'akad nikah' on Friday night.

Eventhough, the visit was just a short visit, but I guess that would be enough for us. To Aniza and her husband, thank you for coming. Hope to see you again before you leave. Finally, it was all because of the help of what we call ' technology'!!Not to forget, Allah The Almighty. If HE did not want it to happen, we wouldn't have met last night. ALHAMDULILAH, thank you ALLAH for fulfilling my wish to meet my good old friends!


Ainyus said...

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya bertemu juga kak myza dgn kak aniza dan dr farid sekeluarga ye. Ain dan hubby bersyukur dapat tolong akak. Betul kata akak, semuanya berlaku dgn kehendak Allah. Allah Maha Besar.

intan izani said...

jumpe long lost friend,
anyway, i thought u shud post their pic here...

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