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Saturday, 19 July 2008

How The Advancement of Technology Can Be A Great Help To Us....

Technology has done a lot of things to all the people around the world. With all these advancement in technology life has been much more easier. Let's take Internet as an example. We can do many things via the Internet. We can chat, do a business transaction, e-learning, online shopping and many more. Everything is done using the technology from the cyberworld.

Yesterday, I was looking at my blog, hoping that I would be able to post something on my blog. It happened that one of the bloggers, Kin who visited my blog is currently in Ireland. I left her a message telling her about my ex-collegemate , who is also now in Ireland. She is following her husband who is pursuing his post- graduate there. I mentioned their names to her. To my surprise, on the same day, I received a message from Ain. She told me that she knows those people that I mentioned to Kin.

As a matter of fact, I don't really know both Kin and Ain. We just met in this world of bloggers! So, Ain informed me about the long - lost friends of mine that I haven't been in touch for quite sometime. More than 3 years I guess! What I want to say here is that with the advancement of technology that all of us are experiencing now , is REALLY GREAT. With just a friend who will link you to another friend of his or her will help us a lot in every way. The latest news that I got from Ain is that my friends, Aniza and her family are back in Malaysia for her brother's wedding. Hope that they will contact me and we will be able to meet very soon.

To Ain and Kin of thanks a lot! It all started from me to Kin, and then Kin to Ain and Ain to Aniza. This is what I really call REAL LINK !! What say you, Ain and Kin? Do you agree with me! Nice to know both of YOU!!

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kin hashim said...

dunia it tanpa sempadan.. :).

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