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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

What A Tiring Day... today!!

Today I came back from work at 7.00pm. The time that is not my usual time to come home. I normally reach home by 5.00 or latest 6.00pm. But not today. I punched in at 7.20 and only got home at 7.00pm. Well, I had to cover for a colleague who was on emergency leave today.

The others in the department were busy with meetings and others; except for me and the other friend of mine. Tomorrow and the day after will be another long days for me. In fact, I'll be in the workplace until Saturday.

This Saturday I'll be having a workshop and at the same time has to attend a short course. What a day!!! And Sunday will be the only OFF DAY for me. Oh my God! I am not a superwoman, a wonderwoman. I am just an ordinary working woman ! A long way to go before my retirement! Unless I become a millionaire or even billionaire then only I can resign from my job.

Even for dinner, I just cooked fried bull's eye with black soya sauce (telur masak kicap).That's all for dinner. It's better that eating instant noodles, I guess. OK folks, I'm out of here now. Just need to rest and maybe I'll be off to bed earlier than my normal bedtime.

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