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Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Community Programme In Taman Jasmin

Today, there is a community programme organized by the Commitee of Rukun Tetangga in my housing area. It is first ever event by the Rukun Tetangga . This programme focused on the women in the community of Taman Jasmin. With the theme, Wanita Sihat Keluarga Bahagia' it stressed on the importance of being healthy. If a woman is not healthy, how is she going to look after her family? The programme includes a health talk, free medical check - up , cooking competition and 'pertandingan gubahan'. Aa a matter of fact, the two lady doctors Dr. Rohani Aziz and Dr. Zabedah are also part of the residents of Taman Jasmin. So, they were just doing their part for the community where they live ! Thank you to everyone who made this programme a success!

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