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Monday, 11 August 2008

Wedding Here.... Wedding There! Wedding Everywhere...

This week is the last week of school before the school holidays!. Friday will be the last day of school for the states like Selangor, N.Sembilan, Melaka and other states which their weekend falls on Saturday and Sunday. Whereas for states like Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah which their weekend falls on Friday and Saturday, this Thursday will be the last day.

When it comes to holidays, who do you think will be the happiest person on earth? Of course, the students! Not to forget, the teachers too....! Am I right teachers? Please forgive me if I am wrong!Well for students, school holidays mean free from books, homework, teachers,etc. Time for them to be free and to enjoy themselves. As for teachers, this is the time for them to relax themselves and to rejuvenate after long months in school.

But may be not all teachers will be able to enjoy themselves. Some teachers may have to conduct programmes for the exam classes like the UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM. They may have to come to school during the holidays to give extra classes to them. Or may be there are teachers who will be sitting for their PTK exam! Good luck to you, all teachers! And also some of the teachers have to become the invigilators for the PTK exam.

School holidays is the time where everbody is waiting for! School holidays mean time for ' makan kenduri orang kawin'! Time for getting married. If it is not the time for getting married, it is the time for ' bertunang'(engagement) . For this reason, I have already received three invitation cards! And one was not even during school holidays. It was last Saturday, in Batu Pahat. But I was not able to make it to Batu Pahat, as I had to work on that day. Another 2 will be on the 23rd and 24th August. 23rd is in Kajang and the latter one in Tangkak, Johor.

Who knows, may be during this week, I will be receiving more 'jemputan kawin'. So, wedding here, wedding there, WEDDING EVERYWHERE!!

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Sheikh said...

kawin kawin kawin pas tu beranak beranak beranak hehe !

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