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Monday, 22 September 2008

Mission Accomplished !!

Finally at 3.00 p.m everything was settled. The oven was turned off and the last tray of my cookies was out from the oven. What a relief ! My mission has been accomplished yesterday. After 3 days of hardwork, determination and courage, not to forget the spirit of ' hari raya', 6 types of cookies are ready to be served this coming Eid Mubarak. One part of the 'hari raya' preparation is settled. Two more to go, shopping for the kids stuffs and the spring cleaning of the house. This week will be the last week of school. I'll get the help of my two girls for the spring cleaning later on! I am happy that I managed to bake my own hari raya cookies for the kids and I could see that they are happy too, being in the kitchen with me, from measuring the ingredients, mixing the ingredients, baking the cookies and of course testing the cookies after the iftar.

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