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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Online Business

Kek Lapis Sisik Ikan( left ) and Kek Lapis Chocolate Cheese (right)

Kek Kukus Lapis Asam Manis

This is something different from the 'hari raya' topic which is on the air now! Before I venture into the world of blogging and becoming a blogger, online business is something that unusual for me. I always have the negative thinking about this matter . But after I made three online transactions , I found it very easy and useful. It saves a lot of time and energy. And the greatest about it, is that you order will be delivered right to your door. I purchased a pair of silk 'batik', two Sarawak layered cakes and also a chocolate moist cake together with a steamed Haw Flakes layered cakes. All of them are my blogger friends. It's nice doing business with all of you guys! I would like to dedicate this 'pantun', especially to Anna 0f Dalissacupcakes, Ai of Aishoppe and Ana Ramli of Batiksutera.
Terima kasih daun keladi,
Lain kali tempah lagi.


ras-adieza said...

ok tak kek lapis sarawak tu? cadang akak nak order.

Anonymous said...

wah dah start buat online bisnes plak ek..

Myza Pesona said...

Bukan buat online bisnes la Zamz, just order via online, mcm kek, kain batik sutera etc.

Suhaiza Sa'at said...

uhux-uhuxx... patutlah tersedak, ada orang sebut-sebut rupanya... :)

ok kak, kalau nak oder kek lapis sarawak yang sedap tu, bagitaulah ye... at anytime, at anyplace! :)

Email me at : myza@mypesona.com


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