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Sunday, 23 November 2008

My Ex - student's Wedding

This is one of my ex-student who got married today. She was a student in my class back in 1999/2000. I was so surprised that she still could remember me as her ex-teacher eventhough she had left school for quite a long time. I couldn't recall when I got the invitation from her. So many of my students had left school because they had finished their school and went to continue their studies somewhere else.

I was happy to get the invitation . There's no words coming out when I saw her sitting on the aisle with her spouse. It seems like it was yesterday when she left the school. Today, she has moved to another stage in her life from a daughter to a wife, from a student to a career woman.But she is not the first of my ex- student who got married. In fact, many of them are already married and have their own family. Those that I know, but for those that I didn't know I believe they now have become parents and are raising their own family just like the rest.

The thing that makes me really proud of her is that she has chosen the teaching profession as her career. So, I guess by now, she understands more about the world of teaching and its challenges . Now, she is not only a teacher, but at the same time a wife. I do hope that she will be a successful person in life. As her teacher, my prayers are always with her.

To Siti Sakina and Aidil, I wish you all the best in your life

To all my blogger friends, for your info, I ni bukan takat ada anak je, tapi I dah banyak dapat menantu, cucu pun dah mula ramai! Tapi, aku tetap maintain vogue, kalah Nenek Vogue, hehehe! Itu yang aku tau, yang aku tak tau, ntah berapa orang lagi kat luar sana tu! Tapi cucu - cucu aku tu cucu halal tau, ada nasab punya! Korang pun belum tentu ada menantu lagi, apalagi cucu! Nak harap ada menantu sendiri, lambat la lagi! Kalau nak cepat dapat gelaran Datuk atau Nenek Vogue, pilihlah karier sebagai guru ni, hehehe! That's all folks! My last entry for this week. I'll be off for a week, taking a vacation ! Bye. See you soon!


Cikgu Kool said...

Ahaks...bestnyer tengok anak murid kahwin...daddy kalau nak tengok juge..hhmmmkena tunggu koman2 7 8 tahun lagi...paling tua student pun baru form three!

Luth Textile said...

syok tgk org kawen..

Anonymous said...

nenek myza,

Happy hols! Wish you could join you. So cold, dark and miserable here, tak best nak gi jalan2. Nak ikut! nak ikut!


Anonymous said...


Finally managed to do it. Tapi tak tau la lama mana bertahan ni. Tapi one thing for sure tak boleh nak tanding yang Myza buat. Cantik gitu......

Email me at : myza@mypesona.com


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