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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Tag and Award Season Is Back!

A friendship note from Kak Kamsiah

The cute little teddy from Kak Kamsiah! Thanks, sis!

This is from Yanmie
Another one from Yanmie

Syawal is over now. And the festive mood has gone too. Just like the wind! And as for the bloggers, another season is here! The season for Tag and Award! Whenever I dropped by at any blog, I could see that awards and tag questions are all over. Either you have been tagged or you have been awarded by your blogger friend with an award.

Here it goes! I received an award from kak Kamsiah and Yanmie. And I've been tagged by my ex-coursemate back in the university. She's now in UK and just completed her Ph.D! Thanks to kak Kamsiah and Yanmie for the award! I'll appreciate that! Hope that this virtual friendship will last forever! To Freggie, I'll answer your tag, much later ok! Too buzy right now! To all, thank you for being my friends!


who said...

hi there...

:) tot

Izarosniza said...

Hi...nice seeing your blog. Suke baca kisah2 awk.

Email me at : myza@mypesona.com


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