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Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Night Out With Zara

Yesterday afternoon, I got one SMS from Zara asking me whether I would be eating out for dinner. She told me that these two days she'll be eating out for dinner. Actually, we planned to meet before tapi tak jadi. Belum ada rezeki lagi agaknya. It so happened that I was feeling a bit tired after a long meeting in school that morning, I planned to have dinner outside. Memang dapur tak berasap la semalam. Semuanya makan kat kedai.

So, I tried my luck inviting her to come and meet me for dinner. After a few SMS, she finally said 'Yes". Since, she's quite familiar with the area, I guess there would be no problem for her to find the place that would be the meeting place for us tonight. About 9.30 pm, she arrived and we met eye to eye for the first time, even though we had talked over the phone before.

2 hours seemed not enough for both of us. There were so many things to talk about. I don't know when we will meet again as she will be going back to Kuala Terengganu next week to continue her studies. Here in KL, she is undergoing her practical.To Zara, Good Luck and All The Best In Your Studies. Do Keep In Touch!


reena said...

bile kite nak jumpe yek sis??? heheheh

Myza Pesona said...

Bila- bila pun boleh! Tapi kena plan betul - betul la! Set masa dan tempat.Ada rezeki,panjang umour, insyaallah kita jumpa!

Luth Textile said...

oh zahirahku..
patutla semalam dia takmo kuar ngn Luth.. rupa2nya dia kua makan dengan kak..

afizah said...

which one is zara nya?

ZaHiRaH said...

haha..gambar zara tengah busuk.. thanks ye kak sudi keluar jumpa kite!

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