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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

While I Was Away.......

When I was looking at my chat box, after being away for a week, many of my blogger friends dropped by eventhough they know that I was not around. They left all kinds of messages in my chat box. Some of them were new visitors. As I was going through the chat box, I saw two messages asking me to go to their blog. The messages was from Daddy Cool and Skul_ Tcer. I wonder why...!

To my surpise, there is a gift from Skul _Tcer and an award for Best Supporting Bloggers from Daddy Cool. Both of them are teachers, just like me and I just got to know them recently in the bloggers arena. Daddy Cool is teaching in Perak and Skul_ Tcer in Bercham, also in Perak. It's nice to know you. guys! Hope that our friendship will last forever. And I also hope that this blogging arena will be a path for us to exchange our views, opinions and share ideas regarding our profession and career.

Thanks again , Daddy Cool and Skul _ Tcer for the award and card! They are lovely! Hope our friendship will be a long lasting one, insyaallah!

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Yanmie said...

huhuuu..glemer dia..

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