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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

First Day of School

Nur Fatimah Az'zahra dah tahun dua (2)

I guess this is because my son had been exposed to the kindergarten, everytime we passed by. And his two sisters also played an important role in preparing himself for school. Both of them encouraged him by telling him how exciting and fun to be in school. And I think it worked for him. He did not show any fear when he arrived at the school. Every day, when I got back from work, he would be telling me what he did in school. I hope this will continue when he goes to Year One (1)


Azlina Abu Bakar said...

It's great that your son did very well in school. My nephew... omg.. my brother went on the first day and now my mother is there during recess. Adam my nephew seems o.k with primary school.

By the way kalau nak post cake tu.. that will be a very expensive cake.. lol.. Beli aje from my sister.. dia tu kat PL.

Myza Pesona said...

Myza - Azlina
Alhamdulilah, so far all my three kids did not have any problems on their first day of school. Maybe sebab dah biasa expose to the surroundings, biasa berkawan. So tak la takut bila kena tinggal kat sekolah!

Yanmie said...

salam kak...x sabar nk hantar aiman kesekolah..tp lmbt lg..kita org tua plak yg terlebih excited kan??..hehehe

Sheikh said...

Waaa lu punya anak manyak 'leng ' ooo.. !

kin hashim said...

ooo...dah stat sek ank bujang myza ni ye... baguslah, kecik2 dah tau bawak diri...senang hati mama nak tinggalkan dia kat sek, kan? :).

love is forever said...

problem bila dia tak pandai nak urus duit poket sendiri...mmm

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