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Monday, 29 June 2009

Not Feeling Well

Salam and greetings to all. After a long week last week, with 6 days in school, today I feel that something is wrong with me. I have noticed it since last night, but I just ignored it. But today, when I am in school this morning, I felt very week. I am down with slight fever. Don't worry, no signs of the %*#@ which is now hitting the country quite bad with number of cases increasing day after day.

But, this is what always happen to me, when I am overworked! Last week I had three major events that took place in school. I had two events on the same day, with two different duties. On Wednesday, I had to sit in for my Head of The panel for the Pentaksir Kawasan who came to check the files of the Oral English Test (O.E.T) . Not only to check the files, she also came to asess 10 students together with me.

At the same time, Hari Koperasi Sekolah took place. For that particular event, I was in-charged of the prizes for the students and souvenir for the VIP. So, I had to run here and there just to get everything ready and done. Phew... that was not an easy job to do! Two different jobs at two different places at two different time!

And today, I am down with flu. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I wll be okay and is ready for school. If not, I guess I have to go to the clininc and get the medical leave for tomorrow. Well, actually I don't really like to take leave especially the medical leave unless it is given by the doctor, meaning that he or she declares I am not fit to go to work.

Well, that's all for nowl. Just pray that I'll be back on my feet again tomorrow morning.


lupekanje said...

ammeennn... get well soon..
brehat secukup rsa...
jgn bekerja tak tentu masa...
nnt badan yang merana..
ate...klu sakit saper nak jaga???

Bapak said...

take a rest kak Myza.

hope get well soon.

Luth Textile said...

semoga kak sehat..
banyakkan rehat..

Luth Textile said...

kak, lama tak ym eh?sibuk la tuh..

Na Shari said...

Get well soon dear...ted

mizzblackbeauty said...

take care of ur health,have a gd rest & speedy recover.

Monkey D Luffy said...

pakai penutup mulut ya


Myza Pesona said...

Thanks for the advice! tapi kdg2 keje ni nk kena settle cepat, so terpaksa la bertungkus lumus!

Tq for the wish. Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling much better today!

Tq. Alhamdulillah, dah ok sikit. Memeng skang akak sibuk sikit, nak YM pun tak sempat!

Myza Pesona said...

Na Shari,
Tq very much. Insyallah, I will!

Tq for the thoughts. I'm recovering now!

Tak la sampai ke tahap tu! Tapi memang la kena tutup mulut bila batuk! But not that H1N1 #@*^ tau!

Cybernetics Mind said...

Get Well Soon....

Leya said...

Salam Myza...kita manusia biasa ni tak terlepas dari sakitkan....jadi jaga diri selalu supaya terhindar dari sakit...insyaallah...rehat byk2

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