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Friday, 3 July 2009

Back On My Feet!

Peace upon you! Hi everyone! I'm back after keeping silence for a while! It's not that I was on medical leave or whatsoever, but I was trying to rejuvenate and recuperate myself from the flu that I was down with since Monday. Alhamdulillah, I am back on my feet again and mind you, I was in school this whole week. The flu was not that bad, all I need was enough rest and some medication too. This week was not a hectic week for me, so I can go home right after school. No need to stay back until late evening either for extra class or co-curricular activity. When the time is up, it's time to thumb out to!

By the way, thank you to all my blogger friends especially to Cen, Bapak, Na Shari, Mizzblackbeauty, Monkey D Luffy, CM, Leya, Dea Sara, Knizam, Zamz, Mummy Hanan and Intan USM. Thanks so much for all the get well wishes from you guys! It really made my day! To all, Have A Nice Weekend! I guess I'll be staying at home over the weekend. It's not the right time to be in crowded places as the H1NI is still in the air ! Like the saying, 'Prevention Is Better Than Cure' ! That's all folks!


Luth Textile said...

pakailah pelindung hidung cap kapal layar. hahaha..

kak, makan ubat banyak2.. bagi cepat sembuh! :D

Kapten Luffy said...

lepas bz demam

lepas tu bz kembali

best jadi cikgu ni


Mummy Hanan said...

Salam Myza,

Semalam sbnarnya nak jenguk awak kat sini tp rancangan kegemaran sudah on, so sya 2tup lah lp 2....

Yep, ur right....preventing is better than cure....sama lah kat sini, H1N1 tu semakin meningkat tp sek. diteruskan.....

Anyway, go and rest...take ur medicine... stop worrying...n just do ur usual activities......

mizzblackbeauty said...

lau kat skool in m'sia camna, student kena take their own temperature or teachers have to dit for them.

lau kat sini each student are required to have a thermometer & take their own temp.pas 2 kena record & pass to teachers.lau terlebih je temp. 2 yg cam my dotter ari 2 kena suruh balik 2 yg leceh even tak demam.

Myza Pesona said...

Alhamdulillah, akak dah beransur baik.Thanks for the wish, bro!

Itulah insan yang bernama guru! Yang membakar diri untuk menerangi orang lain, tak taulah sekarang ni relevan lagi atau tak...sebab sekarang anak-anak murid tidak tahu untuk menghargai jasa dan bakti guru!

Mummy Hanan,
Thanks for your wish! Alhamdulillah, I'm much better now! Sekolah masih on, cuma mana-mana sekolah yang ada kes tu je yang ditutup! Harap-harap benda ni taklah berlarutan lamanya!

Sekolah kat Malaysia tak ada pun buat macam tu!Bila ada yang dah dapat kat sekolah, terus je tutup sekolah! Kalau buat mcm tu, kira ok jugak, yelah...mencegah lebih baik drp mengubati!So, tak adalah peningkatan kes yang mendadak mcm yg dah jadi sekarang ni!

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