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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Why Do I Blog?

Blogs are probably the easiest way to have a website. With blog software, it literally takes minutes to have a professional looking site up and running. These are the five things I like the most about blogs:

1. Blogs are easy to create:
You don't need expensive or complicated web editors or web design software to create a blog. Blog vendors offer you a variety of templates you can choose from. Most likely you will find among them one that offers the look and feel you're looking for. Your only web design expense may very well be to pay a graphics artist to design an attractive logo that makes your site unique.

2. Blogs are easy to maintain:
Blog software allows you to post online, which means that you won't need to bother with FTP software. This also means that you can post anywhere, not just from your own computer. You may be in a hotel room in China, and if it has an internet connection you can log in and update your website from your web-based control panel. Your blog's software will automatically move your most recent post to the top, while archiving older posts by date or by topic, so you don't ever have to bother to move web pages around.

3. Blogs are search-engine-friendly:
Since blogs assign each post an individual URL address, each of them will have it's own, separate web page. If you take care of making each post very focused on a specific topic and carefully choose the keywords that best describe your post (using them in the post title and post body), they will stand a very good chance of ranking well with the search engines. Also, since blogs tend to be updated regularly, search engines will crawl them often (search engines love fresh content), adding your new posts to their index.

4. Blogs allow you to interact with your customer base:
The best websites allow your customers to interact with you and give feedback. Since blogs offer you the option of enabling a "comments" field after your posts where readers can give you feedback, your visitors will not only be more inclined to come back, but you will have at your disposal an effective and inexpensive way to get to know your customers better.

5. Many great blog hosts are free:
There are several excellent services that offer blog hosting for free. The most well known of them is Blogger, a free blog service owned by Google. Signing up takes minutes, it offers many different templates and customization options, and also gives you the option of tying your blog with your Google Adsense account. That way, not only is the service free, but you can also make money. The downside to all these great advantages is that they have encouraged the creation of a huge number of me-too and low quality blogs that don't add value and hardly get any traffic. Don't fall into that trap. Before jumping to create a blog, remember that to be successful you must write about a focused and original topic, or offer a unique perspective on a common theme. In the end, as the cliché says, it all boils down to quality content.


Kamsiah said...

kenapa berblog?
-utk meluaskan pengetahuan
-cari kenalan/kawan
-berkongsi apa yg dilalui/dialami
-baik berblog dari dok bertandang rumah jiran hehe

naz said...

i blog utk seuatu yang tak boleh di tafsir dengan mulut

kak Aidah said...

Akak pula berblog saje tuk suka2 je. Ye lah surirumah cam akak ni ada masa boring je. Bila boring boleh lah kita tulis apa yg kita suka dalam blog kita. Disamping tu dapat ramai kenalan. Sejak berblog ni macam2 org akak kenal walaupun hanya dialam maya je. Moga satu hari nanti kita jumpa di alam realiti lak.

Myza Pesona said...

Kak Kam,
Itu tak termasuk sebab2 yang akak bagi! Kalau saya tulis, lagilah panjang, hehehehe!

Dulu saya tak tau pun blog tu apa! Tapi bila kawan2 tau yang saya ada blog dan penah baca blog saya, mereka pun sokong idea saya untuk berblog ni! Saya pun berblog ni untuk santai2 saja, sekadar meluahkan idea dan rasa hati! Sambil tu dapat juga belajar perkara2 yang baik yang dikongsi bersama bloggers lain!

Kak Aidah,
Walaupun saya bukan surirumah sepenuh masa, tapi saya juga berblog! Hanya untuk santai dan berkongsi cerita suka duka, pengalaman dan sebagainya!

Sheikh Azmie said...

aku berBLOG sebab aku suka gelak-gelak sebab aku suka gelaks
heavy-heavy drama aku kureng banyak... hehehe

Email me at : myza@mypesona.com


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